Proyectos Descripción

Cordillera /Serport / Buceo comercial

Beata Submarine Mountain Range

Project developed in conjunction with INVEMAR for the declaration of the Beata submarine mountain range marine protected area as a landscape restoration strategy in the Colombian Caribbean. SERPORT provided transportation services for scientific personnel and oceanographic equipment, including an ROV with a 3000 m depth range.

Subsea Line Stabilization with Geotubes

Installation of Geotubes to ensure the reconformation of support and support of the Ocensa 42″ submarine line in Coveñas, executed together with our allies Geomembranas S.A.S., in an estimated duration of 4 months.

Proyectos / Serport / Buceo comercial

Fiber optic installation

Installation of fiber optic communications and a real-time deformation monitoring system in Ocensa’s subsea pipeline in Coveñas.

Cruceros /Serport / Buceo comercial

Oceanographic Cruises

In 2011, we started a new line of business which was oceanography due to an invitation we received from Invemar for the supply of a working platform with their equipment and perform environmental monitoring in the keys of SAI and Providencia with a duration of 60 days. Following the experience with Invemar, opportunities opened up …

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Desmantelamiento /Serport / Buceo comercial

Dismantling Mr. Goby

Cleaning, updating of the environmental management plan approved by the coral reef environmental authority and provision of the integral service of removal, scrapping, towing, transport and final disposal of the vessel Mr Goby, located in the coral reef of the island of San Andres.

San Andres/Serport / Buceo comercial

San Andres boats

For this project, six (06) vessels located in the bay or maritime areas adjacent to the island of San Andres that are anchored, abandoned and/or damaged, seized, confiscated and/or retained in the Archipelago Department of San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina were removed, scrapped, towed, transported and disposed of.

Reemplazo coveñas /Serport / Buceo comercial

Replacement of Monobuoy and PLEM TLU2 in Coveñas

Replacement of the TLU-2 tanker loading system at Ocensa’s maritime terminal in Coveñas. For about 60 days, Serport carried out the successful replacement of the TLU-2 monobuoy and Pipeline End Manifold (PLEM) using all its own personnel and equipment.

Transporte /Serport / Buceo comercial

Motor Transport to Barbados

09/2020: Project carried out in mid-2020. The objective of the project was to transport 4 Wartsila engines by sea from the Port of Cartagena, Colombia to an alternative port on the beach on the Island of Barbados.